We have thought about a unique holiday in this unprecedented time. The most important point for us is that our dear guests feel comfortable and safe. We have taken various safety precautions and comply with all prevention regulations.
  • Our hotel has always stood for hygiene and cleanliness and this will continue to be meticulously practiced in the future. Sensitive surfaces such as handrails, elevator buttons, ... are disinfected several times a day.
  • A lot of free space inside and outside, as well as in our dining rooms, allows us to easily adhere to the distance rule. If this interpersonal safety distance of 1 meter cannot be maintained, all persons are required to wear respiratory protection, with the exception of members of the same household and the same room.
  • Please bring your face mask with you. There are so many and everyone now has their own favorite, with which everyone feels most comfortable and safe. Of course we also have some in the house, so you will always feel in good hands.
  • Hand disinfectants are easily accessible for all guests. At the hotel entrance, garage entrances, dining rooms, toilets.
  • At the table, guests are allowed to take off the mask while maintaining the distance of 1 meter. People from the same household and people living in the same room are exempt from this rule. We will place the tables to the best of our knowledge and belief with enough space for you.
  • In the morning our rich breakfast buffet awaits you, so that you can start the day optimally. In the evening we spoil you with our salad buffet, where you can help yourself as you please. So that we can enjoy the buffet as usual, it is mandatory to wear mask and disinfect the hands.
  • We can use the indoor pool with a distance of 1 meter. Look forward to a dip in the water!
  • The whole sauna area can be enjoyed.
The requirements and requirements can change. In any case, we are always up to date and pass it on to our guests. You are always well informed https://www.suedtirol.info/en/information/coronavirus

We are happy to let our lifeblood flow again and to be able to offer an enjoyable holiday.

We are doing everything possible to keep you safe – please help us!